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Yesss, you are going for it ! Amazing!!! Can't wait to work with you!
Please read everything below before you pay your sessions!

During one month you receive my practical & intuitive coaching and mentorship through:

  • 2 video calls​
  • Unlimited messages & voice message coaching during weekdays​ (I respond within 24hours)
  • If relevant:
    - Receiving of exercises & assignments 
    - Feedback on assignments, plan, goals, strategy, website, etc


444 euros is payment for one month.
If you already know you want to have a trajectory for two or three months, you can get a discount. Please reach out to me about this.



My approach to this work is that you take ownership and responsibility for your own healing and change in your life. You can only grow so much with other people. The real remembrance lies within you. Bringing change in your life and making your dream, idea or project a reality, goes hand in hand with working with different mentors/coaches/healers and consciously working on yourself, too. Therefore, you can't expect all your problems & challenges will be suddenly changed. These mentoring sessions are not like using a magic wand. 


Nonetheless, these sessions can be powerful and have the potential to shift deeply rooted mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual blocks. It has the potential to change your life and to see your dream, idea or project coming to life! Even more, when you are open and fully taking responsibility.

The Dreamers Who Do

444,00 €Price
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