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Spiritual consult ⭐️ Aura reading ⭐️Cowrie Shell Divination

Do you long for more insight into yourself and your own life?

Spiritueel consult ⭐️ Aura lezing
  • Do you want to get to know yourself better? Do you want to increase your self-knowledge and self-insight?

  • Do you have difficulties knowing who you are and what your essence is?

  • Is it difficult to find your purpose?

  • Do you feel stuck or is it unclear which direction you want to go?

  • Are there situations where you don't understand why they are happening to you or what to do with them?

  • Is it a challenge to understand certain relationship dynamics you are in?

  • Is it difficult for you to make decisions or choose your focus in life?

  • Do you need clarity or confirmation about a certain situation?

  • Do you want to know the core of what you can do to change things?

  • In general, maybe you don't know what to do?

  • Do you want to move forward and work on yourself?

  • Is it time for a change?

  • Do you long for a deeper spiritual connection?

  • Are you excited for a spiritual experience?

What if I tell you this is possible with a spiritual consult ! ?

Imagine: everything is clear!

  • You know who you are, what you are good at and what you can work on to bring change in your life.

  • You feel more connected to yourself and your own soul.

  • Life is bright and you feel more calm.

  • You feel empowered because you have more awareness about yourself and your talents and strengths.

  • The situations in which you got stuck take on a different shape because you have gained insight into them. You understand where certain actions or thoughts come from, so that you can give them a place and heal them.

  • It is clear to you in which direction you can go. You know what to do.


This is possible with a spiritual reading!! You gain clarity in yourself and your life! You know better in which direction to go and what you can do to bring about change.

spiritueel consult aura online

I connect energetically with your spirit and give you different messages and images. This information can be enlightening or confronting, but the information always helps you to go forward! The information helps you grow in your life path. The messages that come usually have to do with the present and sometimes with the past. No future is predicted, you are the creator of your life and you have free will to make choices that shape your future! However, insights can emerge that bring clarity to how you can shape your future.

For a spiritual consult there are two options: an aura reading & a cowry shell reading !

In both an aurareading and cowry shell reading, messages come forward that helps you move forward in life and grow. They also both move things energetically and therefore they can have a healing effect. In both readings I connect with a higher power and your higher self. The messages can be confrontational as well as affirming, but everything that comes up is there to help you move forward and to give you insightBoth readings provide information that clarify things that can help you with the next steps.


The readings can be like a compass for when you make decisions. But they don't bring information about the future. So there are no empty promises or things that are told that do not come true. After listening to the audio, you have complete freedom of choice. Armed with new insights you can  make the decisions that seem best to you. The readings are about the present and sometimes about the past if there is something that needs to be understood. However, messages may  clarify which actions are not recommended  or should be avoided in order to avoid certain situations in the future.


What's the difference?

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Aura reading

An aura reading is specifically about you. You are immersed in a world about yourself. About who you are, what you want, need, about what typifies you or which dynamics are happening in your life.


You will hear information about yourself so that you get to know yourself better, you feel recognition and resonance and a deep connection with your soul and life purpose. 


It feels as if someone truly sees you for who you are. It can feel like a spiritual journey, like how some people go on a astral or shamanic journey on their own.

Want more information and testimonials? Scroll down or click on read more:

Cowrie shell reading

A cowrie shell reading can also bring up specific messages about you, but rather has the function of a spiritual consultation.


 In this session, more interaction is possible, so that we can go deeper into situations that you are dealing with at that moment.


In a cowrie shell reading it is possible to receive more advice and practical tips. You can also ask your questions so that you will have answers on the current situation you are in.

Want more information and testimonials? Scroll down or click on read more:

spiritueel consult online
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"Ama's aura reading is such a beautiful gift. She took me on an intimate journey to the deepest layers of myself. With profound care for detail she describes the images very vividly. They reflected a movie of my inner world. Ama shared the deeper meaning and lessons of the scenes with so much serenity and warmth.


I found myself nodding many times as well as listening with curiosity as she offered more clarity on things I was stuck with and as she reminded me to pay attention to parts of myself and priorities that I had forgotten. With love and respect she confronted me with what I needed to see from practical insights to spiritual wisdom. "

- D.


What is an aurareading?

I often refer to an aura reading as a 'mirror moment'. It can be a great tool for self-knowledge.  . It is a reading of about an hour in which various things that can be seen in your aura and play a role in your life come to the surface. Your aura is an energetic field that is around you. When I connect with your aura, I see vivid images in your energyfield and chakras. Each image has a message that gives you insight. An aura reading is like a story about yourself that consists of colors and images, that describes different things about you, who you are or what is going on with you.

Often the things you hear are things that you already know deep inside but have not yet dared to look at. Or just things you knew, but for which you needed confirmation. It can go either way and it mainly depends on what your soul wants to show at that moment.

You can choose between a general aurareading or a thematic aurareading. If you've never done an aurareading before, it is advised to start with a general one. The thematic aurareading focuses on one specific topic (like work, purpose, relationship, health,...) or a question that you have. If you are already sure you have a specific topic or question, you can indicate this when you order your aurareading,

The aura reading will be send digitally. This means we do not have to be present live at the same time. It also doesn't matter if we are in the same country. This is because I work with your spirit and energy field and in 'the spirit world' time and space how we know it doesn't exist. I just need your full name (all the names received by birth) & then I can get started. I do the aura reading at  a chosen moment and then I send it to you afterwards so you can listen to it.

Investment: 144 euros

Click on the video below for more information about an aurareading (14 min.)

Topics I cover in the video:

🤔What is an aura?
🌈What is an aurareading?
✨How does an aurareading work?
👂🏾What is said in an aurareading?
💻Can an aurareading be remotely done?
🧘🏾‍♀️How do I prepare for a reading?
🌎Where did I learn it?
👬Can everyone read auras?
🔮Does an aurareading predict the future?

Here you can read the experience a client had with her aura reading with me:

"My aura reading with Ama was incredible. I have had six aura readings from 3 different Aura Readers before I went to Ama. I find all Aura Readers to be different and they all have their own special strengths. Ama`s reading was outstanding in the way she could visually diagnose some internal battles I was facing.

The visions she saw and how she could feel my subconscious and conscious self in them allowed her to illustrate different scenarios which, when explained to me, opened up clarity to what I have been going through in life. She offered a clear and concise explanation of what was happening in every vision and this spoke volumes to me about what I have been going through and also how I communicate with people and how I affect people with my character and actions. She also diagnosed my relationship with myself in many ways. 


Ama is a unique healer and her intuition, insight, and true love for people is a gift that not everyone has. Thank you Ama for all of the healing guidance you have offered me in the past year."

- Kate

Within1 hour you gain insights about yourself that will benefit you for a lifetime!

You can listen to your aurareading whenever and wherever it suits you. Once you have downloaded the aura reading, you can listen to it in peace, in the comfort of your own home or room. You can create it as a moment that feels nice and safe to you. 

In an hour you receive so much information that probably would have taken you much longer to discover on your own. It is very enlightening and gives a lot of confirmation when someone else tells things about you. It gives you clarity in your life. And this ultimately saves you time because after listening to your aurareading you know better who you are and what choices you can make. An aura reading is an investment in yourself, to get to know yourself better, but it can have an effect on everything in your life.

Moreover, an aura reading offers you a lot of information that you can use for a long time. This is not something you do every week. Some people even just do it once. It is a very unique experience where so much information emerges that you can continue with it many months after the reading. Such a unique portrait of yourself is extremely valuable! 

aura lezing - spiritueel consult -helderziendheid

" A lot of the images Ama described were, I think, direct transmissions. A kind of clairvoyance, precognition. 

Some images were very close to my actual surroundings. Ama described a scene of a dark-skinned man drinking beer, laughing with me, loving me. But with a feeling of « stagnation ». That  happened literally weeks after the reading.

The reading was very accurate, insightful, and healing. I am still processing it as I write these words. What I can attest today, is that is has helped me access another dimension of my identity. An idea of the « self » as an emotional being , with an emotional growth, and an emotional imprint. I feel that I now take my emotional growth more seriously. Who wants to make the same mistakes life after life? This reading has definitely sparked a change of perspective."

~ L

I also read a past life that has a similar vibration to your current life that can bring similarities, same patterns, dynamics, difficulties or talents forward. A lot of people who listen to the aurareading are really into "this visual trip" in such a way that it stimulates their creativity. A lot of clients have reported back to me how they made drawings or paintings of the aura reading they received. Here you see a painting of one of my clients that came out of one of the images of the aurareading:

aura lezing ervaring

Do you find it exciting to listen to these things that someone else can see about you?

Sometimes it can feel a bit scary to listen to spiritual messages about yourself. I can tell you that the messages that come through are the ones that your spirit is showing me. This means that you can handle all messages and that you are meant to hear them. Only messages that help you, make you grow and let you move forward will come through.​  It can be very powerful to have someone else who tells you things about yourself, that someone else really sees you for who you are.

To conclude, below you can read beautiful testimonials that can provide insight into how an aura reading is experienced.

"For me it felt like receiving a kind of gift, someone taking so much time and effort to take a deep look into your personality is a special, warm and intense experience. Thank you so much for that.Hearing the aurareading I could easily visualize what you talked about. Because you explained very well the images you were seeing, I could see them as well in detail and relate to the images and their explanations. Most of the time the way I appeared in the images was nice, but there was also one image that was quite aggressive and confronting. It didn’t feel bad to see that though, it was interesting. While listening to the aurareading I felt like in some kind of meditative state, afterwards it took me some time to let it ‘sink in’. The days and weeks after I listened to the aurareading I found myself reflecting on some of the images when I caught myself acting in a certain way. It’s like you have a symbolic image in the back of your mind that helps you recognizing certain patterns.Thank you so much for introducing me to this and for the loving attention you give through it."

~ L.

The 'social media testimonials' below are in English. If you want to read testimonials in English, you can click here (then scroll down when you are on the page).

auralezing aura lezing
aura lezing
aura lezing
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Cowry shell reading

"Ama is an extremely gifted reader and powerful healer. She has a profound ability to hold space and secure a safe container for healing. I had a cowry shell divination with Ama during a time where I was feeling really lost and without any direction or motivation.'

The reading provided such deep insight into the energies that are influencing my path along with clarity around different experiences I have had. After the session, I felt uplifted and a strong sense of clarity and direction that I had not felt in a long time.

Ama's group cowry shell ceremony is also a powerful and deeply healing experience.
Working with Ama is truly a gift and I feel honored to have received such beautiful healing from her."


-S.G. Toronto,Canada 

What is a cowry shell reading ? 

This spiritual reading is done with cowrie shells. Cowrie shells have been a representation of abundance and (spiritual) wealth since ancient times in various African cultures. They were once used as money and are still used in jewelry. The cowry shells are a gateway to another dimension through which wisdom, knowledge and insights are brought forward. 

I connect with spirit and with the cowrie shells so when I throw them on the ground, I can see different messages in the shells. This reading usually take an hour. It can also be shorter or longer depending on what comes through.


The session begins with general messages that are important for you to hear. It happens that ancestors or spirit guides are present or bring messages. After I have told you the first messages, you can ask questions. They can be questions that continue on what I already said or they can be other questions you feel like asking to gain clarity.

For a cowry shell reading, we see each other on a video call via Zoom at an agreed date and time. I record the session & send the audio recording to you afterwards so that you can listen to the messages again.

Investment: 144 euros

Ask your questions and get immediate clarity in your situation.

This spiritual reading with cowrie shells is ideal if you want clarity in a situation or when you have questions. Because this reading takes place live via a video conversation, interaction is possible. It is a spiritual reading where personal guidance is possible. You ask your own questions during the session and I will clarify certain images and messages if necessary. Because you can ask questions yourself, you help determine what the spiritual reading is about and you can gain insights about different themes that play in your life.

During this cowry shell session it is important to me that everything has been said that should have been said, even if it is a bit longer than an hour. I will make time for you during this consult and we will only conclude the session until your questions are answered. I create a safe environment in which you feel comfortable asking questions. I follow your rhythm.

"We decided to ask for a spiritual consult as a couple.

Ama did a cowry shell session for us and it was eye-opening.

The messages that came through were very clear and opened up new perspectives and freedom of action.

Afterwards we also felt more connected to each other and full of love and hope to continue our path of life together."

~ Y. & N. , Germany

What will I get out of a cowry shell reading?

​A spiritual consult with cowrie shells ensures that there is less confusion in your life and more clarity! That you know what your direction is and how you can proceed. You will hear messages that you do not know or see yourself. Therefore, a spiritual reading with shells brings clarity and confirmation. It can give you a tremendous sense of relief and feeling lighter! It can give you courage and motivation to move on!

Here are some small snippets from the end of different cowry shell sessions I did for clients. I loved their spontaneous response and feedback. So, I asked them if I could share it on my website. Luckily they said wholeheartedly yes, so that I could share it with you!

If you have any questions about the spiritual readings or if you want to discuss something...


do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to email you about this if you are still unsure about anything or if you want more clarity! There is also the possibility to have a couple cowry shell reading or a groups cowry shell reading. For a group Cowry Shell session I need more information to be able to determine the price. Contact me if you are interested in a couple reading or a group cowry shell reading. 


Lots of love

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