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Sometimes it can be simple! Healing doesn't need to be complicated. It doesn't need to be with crazy techniques. It can be with something as simple as your breath. Something we always have with us.

  • Are you a lot in your head? Do you want to come more into your body?

  • Do you want to release emotions or move stuck energy?

  • Are you dealing with some things that don't seem to resolve?

  • Are you done talking and ready for some physical work?

  • Are there deeply rooted or old things stuck in your energy field that you feel you can't clear on your own?

Breathwork is a very simple but powerful medicine!

It has the potential to move energy in your body in such a way that major healing can take place, when done more frequently. People have healed diseases, have come out of depressions, found their energy back, received clarity and insights by using this breathwork technique.

"Ama crossed my path through a friend. Especially because of my plans to go to Ghana, where Ama lives. I finally got to meet her in the mountains near Kwahu.


The breathwork and inner child healing sessions were transformative for me. I did both for the first time and I'm glad I did them with Ama.

Her beautiful energy, the trust she brings and her calming voice took me on a journey within myself. The power of that was felt for a long time afterwards and I'm sure I will schedule more sessions with Ama. Certainly with the necessary rest afterwards, because it is hard work! Even if you don't realize that at the moment.

Thanks for the help and useful tools, Ama. I haven't done the breathing exercise again yet, but I still remember its power. So I will definitely use it again.

✨ Love,"
E. - Belgium 

breathwork coach

How does breathwork work?

It is known that aside our brain, we have 'two other brains': our Heart and our Hara, our gut (also known as second chakra). The technique used in the breathwork sessions I facilitate, works with breathing in through your Hara and Heart. 

They also have things to say.

They also lead the way.

They also want to feel happy.


Breathwork moves stuck energy and emotions

Breathing in through these two places moves oxygen through your whole body. It is almost as if the oxygen moves around in the body looking for stuck energy so that it can hit it, so that it can start to move. The moving of the energy is where the healing process starts.


There are different physical sensations you can feel during a breathwork session. But whatever sensation you feel, energy is always being moved. I trust in the medicine of the Breath!

Breathwork for you with a Breathwork Coach!

A breathwork session is a healing session where you do the work. You breathe
to move energy in your body. I guide the session with my voice and music.


Online. Videocall via Zoom. You can lie on your bed or couch.
In person possible when in Ghana - send me a private message first.

During a session we
first talk about why you came for the session. Maybe there is something you are dealing with or maybe you want to heal something. Whatever it is, we first talk about it to bring that energy to the surface.
I show you the breathing technique before we start. I hold an energetically safe space for you so that you can release whatever is coming up for you. I guide you along the journey with my voice and with music.

Price: 122 euros

Duration: The breathing itself is between 20 minutes and 40 minutes. The total of a session can be between 45 minutes and 1,5 hour.

When you book your session under the baobab tree, mention that your preference is breathwork.

breathwork coach online

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be safe during a breathwork session?

Yes!! Sometimes you can get scared of the emotions that might come to the surface by doing healing work. Buut there is nothing unsafe about doing breathwork. The intensity that people sometimes feel has to do with working through resistance or releasing emotions or energy that was stuck in the body.


For some people it might feel unsafe or scary to experience this intensity. But it is my job to hold a safe container and to bring a stable, grounded energy where these emotions can be processed. Both in person or online. If you know of yourself that you need physical presence of someone else to feel safe experiencing the possible intensity of your emotions, then online breathwork is not for you.

I can breathe on my own. Why would I do a breathwork session with you?

Just consciously breathing is something we all can do on our own without guidance, true! And maybe you have done breathwork before in group or with another practitioner: then you also might be able to do it on your own.


However, there is something powerful about someone guiding you and holding space. There is deep medicine in these type of breathwork sessions. Even though I do breathwork on myself, once in a while, I also like to work with a practitioner to guide me.  I feel sometimes I can go deeper in this way than when I do it on my own. So it has its own value.

What I do want to mention is : once you have learned this technique, there is nothing stopping you of doing breathwork on your own! I highly encourage this, as this will only facilitate greater healing and clearing in your life.

Integration after a session

Breathwork sessions are very powerful. It is important to note that, depending on what happens during the healing session, depending on what is being moved, your experience may vary afterwards. Some people feel very relaxed and light as if some weight has finally been removed from their shoulders. Some people feel painless, compared to the pain they felt before.

For others, it can trigger some physical symptoms in the body, like feeling very tired or having a headache. Often, these physical symptoms are a result of energy that has been moved and the physical body is processing this. Sometimes, a certain healing process is accelerated and is therefore experienced in the body as more intense. However you feel after, it is very important to be gentle to yourself, drink lots of water and to acknowledge that your energy and physical body is processing what just happened. This can take a few days.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Are you ready to dive in? ;-) 
I can't wait to journey on this beautiful breath journey with you! Looking forward to connect with you!

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