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Masterclass Goal Setting

Every year, I love to set some goals and create an intention for the coming year. I love to do this with some nice snacks, some music and a cup of tea.  It is a great way to start the new year with goal setting, but actually you can set goals every time of the year. It is never too late! 

Even in these uncertain times, there are always goals that can be set! It can give us motivation and an empowering feeling to create our own goals and to work towards them.  

  • Do you sometimes look back at the end of the year and wonder what you actually accomplished in that year?

  • Do you have the feeling you are not progressing or going forward in the way you want to?

  • Do the things you want in life feel chaotic and not structured?

  • Do you have a lot of ideas and dreams but do you have difficulties with organizing or manifesting them?

  • Do you wonder how other people reach their dreams and goals?

  • Do you always focus a lot on others but not on your own goals?

  • Would you like to create goals for this year?

  • Do you have some goals in your mind? Do you want to put them on paper and integrate them more in your energy field?

If you answered yes on any of these questions, this Goal Setting Masterclass is something for you!

What do you get by buying this Goal Setting Masterclass?


By buying this Masterclass you will

  • learn why it is important to set goals 

  • learn how to set goals & how many goals are the best to set for a year

  • get tips how to reach your goals

  • ​get more clarity into where you want to head to during this year

  • set your own goals for the coming next 12 months or own chosen period

  • have actions linked to these goals

  • have clarity how to start with achieving those goals

  • have removed blocks so that you reach your goals 

Details about the Goal Setting Masterclass:


  • Teachings about goal setting (Video with presentation: +- 40 minutes)

  • Guided meditation to integrate your goals in your energy field & remove blocks so that you reach your goals  (Video: +- 20 minutes)

  • Workbook with introduction, exercise to set goals & journaling questions to enhance the success of reaching your goal

LanguageEnglish (but exercises can be done in your own language)

Price: You pay 19,80 euros.


What to bring:

  • Notebook, blanco paper or printed workbook

  • Pen or pencil

  • Snacks/cup of tea/candles/incense (optional)

  • Water (for after the meditation)

It is possible to also book an individual follow up coaching session. This means that after you have done the Masterclass we can have a personal call to see how your process with following your goals is going.

How to set goals masterclass

Why should I get the Masterclass Goal Setting?

The beautiful thing about this Masterclass is that you will have guidance during your goal setting. Sometimes it is difficult to set your goals when you are alone. You might lose hope, not feel like doing it, maybe you always postpone it or maybe you don’t hold yourself accountable to really work around it. Doing this with this Masterclass will encourage you and give you energy to work on your own goals.


I create a safe & uplifting space during the presentation and meditation. I know everyone works in a different way and has a different pace, and I acknowledge these differences. All the things I have learned during my journey about goal-setting are presented in this presentation for you, so you don't need to look for it yourself. You can watch and do everything in the safe environment of your home. And you can always press on pause or revisit what has been said. 

The meditation can be done multiple times, as you will receive both the video and the audio. The meditation is a very powerful way to integrate all the work you have done by setting your goals & energetically creates a whole new start, where your blocks are removed and your goals and visions integrated.

What do you say? Let`s go for it !!!

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