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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching brings you the type of coaching you always wanted! 

You learn how to connect better with your own intuition so you know what to do in areas of your life where you felt stuck or wanted to grow in. Simultaneously you are being guided by a professional coach who also uses her own intuitive abilities. These coaching sessions are currently online via different modalities.

We follow your rhythm, what feels good to you and what you need!

  • Do you want to grow spiritually?

  • Do you want to learn how to use your intuition more?

  • Are you feeling confused about who you are or what your life purpose is?

  • Do you want to transform certain things in your life or in your relationships?

  • Do you have a certain goal in mind but is it difficult for you to reach it?

  • Did you receive a spiritual reading and do you want more guidance in how to work on certain messages that came through?

  • Does your life feels chaotic and do you need someone who helps you structure and clarify things in your life?

growth intuitive coaching

You know it is possible, right? To change your life? To grow spiritually? So many people did it before you!

It takes some courage to look at yourself and to decide to go for it, to take the first steps to a new life, a new you or a change. Imagine, the clouds disappearing, the sky is bright and clear, and so is your mind. You know what to do, you know what the next steps are. You are gentle with yourself in the process and simultaneously you see things changing in your life. Situations you thought would never change, do change! You are able to create new habits and break certain patterns. You understand for yourself what spirituality means to you, how you can continue your own spiritual practice that suits you. And you trust your intuition and yourself more. 

"When I went through a quite difficult period in my life, the intuitive coaching with Ama helped me to feel hope and together step by step she guided me on my way.


Sometimes she integrated inner child work in the process when necessary and she gave me a lot of recommendations of what I could do at home by myself as well.


I’m very grateful that I have met this special being and even through the online sessions I could feel her positive and healing energy."

~A., Germany

Why intuitive coaching?

Intuitive coaching is a very unique way of coaching in the sense that as a professional coach I have the background of traditional coaching techniques but I use my intuition during the whole process. I can read energy and I use this during my coaching sessions. Moreover I guide you in tapping in your own intuition, too. It is important to me that you can continue on your own after the sessions and that you feel empowered.  

guidance intuition coaching

Whatever is on your mind, wherever you feel stuck, I guide you starting from your reality and your situation. I respect the differences in people, their lifestyles, opinions and personalities.


I am flexible in the way how I coach and I offer different ways of doing a coaching session with me. We walk the road together. We are in this together. There is always a way, especially when we start trusting our intuition!

The investment you do in this coaching session or sessions, helps you take care of yourself and create priorities. Therefore, one of the effects of these coaching sessions can be that you make different decisions, which can generate new energy and even more time.

professional online coach intuition

Hi there ! I am Ama!

For 10 years I've been coaching teachers, principals, teenagers, mothers, searching adults, brokenhearted people, lonely, confused and overwhelmed human beings.


Now I also coach very sensitive people who want to explore their spiritual practice more or grow in their intuition.


It is extremely beautiful to witness their growth, the change, the relief and sometimes the tears. I could see how people felt held and acknowledged & found the motivation and hope again within themselves to proceed.


This is why I love my work! I love following and guiding people on their journey.


It would be an honor to guide you during a part of your journey!

How does an intuitive coaching session work?

For an intuitive coaching or mentoring session, I work deeply with you around a specific topic that you want to work around. I provide guidance through asking you questions. We explore your situation around the topic together. Then we explore what you would want, what you dream of, what your goal is.


Depending on what your question is, there are different modalities I work with. We can have a pure talking coaching session. But I always work with Spirit which means we may have meditations/visualizations or other tips coming up, if that feels good to you.

If you choose a coaching trajectory, it is possible to include a cowry shell reading, a breathwork or inner child session in one of the sessions. These sessions can go in different directions but the focus is on helping you grow, gain clarity and find your strength to change the things in your life that you want to change.

A single coaching session is 122 euros.

If you want to discuss some things first before booking a coaching session, there is a possibility to have a free 30 minutes-long call. In this call you can share what is going on for you. Then we can see what I can offer you and if there is a possibility of working together.

"I am extremely happy and grateful that I am following a coaching trajectory with Ama. It's the ideal way to go deeper into certain themes in my life. It's also a good way to check in with myself on a regular basis with guidance and the ideal way to feel that I don't have to solve everything alone. Even though all the answers are within me.


Ama regularly reminds me why I started this process and brings focus. With a variety of exercises and working methods I get clarity. By embarking on a process of several months, there is really a bond of trust that makes depth possible.


For me it feels like a present to myself that I am doing this trajectory and I am incredibly happy that I chose Ama for that.

LM, Belgium

Coaching trajectory?

If you are interested in doing more coaching sessions and want to start a coaching trajectory, we can start with a 1st free conversation! In this way we can talk about the amount of sessions and where we will focus on. The price of the coaching trajectory is 333 euros for 3 sessions. These 3 sessions happen within three months.


A coaching trajectory is via video calls (Zoom).

coaching trajectory online
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