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Do not skip this important step🌸

What I often see is that people who have a dream, idea, project, or business they want to bring into this world often don’t start because:

  • they believe it’s not the right time yet

  • they don’t have the resources

  • they don’t know how to start

  • they are afraid or feel insecure

I'm sure there are many more reasons!

What I find intriguing is that people think they need to act on something right away to bring it into the world.

And thus, you feel the need to have everything right away - skills, a place, money, …

However, my experience of bringing something into the world is totally different. It starts with an idea in your mind, and it keeps coming back.

exercises to make your dream a reality

There is a whole process that happens before your idea is birthed into the physical. It starts on a spiritual level first, and trickles down energetically, emotionally, mentally, and only then into the physical. It can take time. The worries about how it will all be possible or unfold can arise, but…

The trick is to believe it’s coming. Or even better, that it’s already there. Because it is! It’s true that sometimes it’s not the right time yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t already invite the dream or your idea closer… There is real power in drawing your dream/idea closer and closer to you.

What I did with my dreams before they became a reality:

  • Made a vision board

  • Wrote down anything that came to my head about it: my ideas/images, sometimes I would draw, writing down keywords

  • Thought about why it was so important to me or dear to my heart

  • Tuned into the spirit of my idea/dream

  • Talked with people about it. - Sometimes it’s better not to share it with people because the more people know, the more chances that it could be destroyed before it’s being birthed. I decided to talk about it, though, because it made it more alive. I just chose the people I shared it with wisely

  • Visualized it happening

  • Created a plan for if it would start/happen

  • Calculated what I would need (Collaborators? A place? Website? Money?)

  • Trusted the process & followed my heart + the signs

Here too, I could add way more. The only reason why I am sharing it is that sometimes we think we can’t do anything yet.

But we skip one of the most important steps… which is giving our idea/dream attention, love, time and energy!

Bringing our dream/idea closer by already working around it.

And then, of course, eventually, the time comes to take action ;)

How do you work around your dreams, ideas, plans, or goals before they are in the physical? Before you act upon them?

Curious to hear from you!


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