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Embracing the seasons, from Belgium to Ghana

I recently realized something interesting because rainy season has started here in Ghana.

Even though I have been living in Ghana since 2020, I still have the feeling that my body and energy field are getting used to the rhythms and cycles of this country. The seasons here are mainly the rainy season, the dry season, and some in-between seasons.

But I never realized how much we actually stay attuned to the seasons of the country we grew up in. That's what I am figuring out now.

rainy season in ghana

I am still getting used to the seasons in Ghana, meanwhile, in a way, I also still feel connected to the seasons in Belgium.

Isn't that an interesting experience to navigate?

How do you experience seasons? How do they influence you, and how do you deal with them?

What I really like about the rainy season is that the colors become brighter. Funny enough, in Belgium during this time, there are also more colors!

Because of summer, there is more sun and light, more flowers, and people wear more colorful clothes, haha!

Here in Ghana, you can see so many different shades of green during the rainy season, and the sky is beautifully blue (when it doesn't rain, of course).

Anyway, because the rainy season has started here and summer has begun in Belgium, I am reflecting on my last few months and realizing again how they were not the easiest. My energy was very low... and it feels so good to be back on track now!

Long live the cycles of life!

x Ama

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