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How to communicate with nature spirits✨

Nature spirits have always been part of our world.  In the past, humans were in close communion with them, but as time passed, a divide grew. However, the knowledge of how to communicate with nature spirits is not lost. And nature spirits are still all over the world.

In this article, I will share with you what these spirits of nature are, how you can connect with them, and even how to communicate with them. You will discover that a key part of this process is learning how to hear nature speak.

Overview of this article:

What are spirits of nature?

Nature spirits are beings that live in the spirit world and have their houses in nature. Nature spirits are also called elemental beings because they are connected to the elements. You can find nature spirits in Earth, in waterfalls, rivers, oceans, deep forests, trees, fire, caves, and rocks. Often, spirits of nature are guardians and protectors of the elemental body they are part of. If you ask me, I find that pretty logical, as these places are their homes. 

It used to be normal to communicate with the spirits of nature.

For example, people would talk with the spirit of a tree before cutting the tree. In this way, the spirit of the tree could give permission or guide a person to another tree if that was a better option for their group of trees. Trees could also prepare themselves and remove their lifeforce energy before a human would cut their stem or branches.

How to communicate with nature spirits? ✨ Water spirits

People used to know that rivers have spirits, too. If we had respect for the spiritual beings that are the spirits of nature, it wouldn’t even cross our minds to pollute the rivers and oceans.

In some cultures, the connection with nature spirits is still very much alive. One time I lived in an area here in Ghana where taxi drivers honk their car's horn before they cross a river. They did this to notify the water spirits as they said some water spirits lived where the bridge was and would play around. These beautiful little acts are coming from somewhere, you know. And even honking is a way of communicating with nature spirits, or at least respecting them and their home.

Spirits of nature are often mystical beings to us because we can’t see them. However, there are some people who still see them, and it is said that in the olden days, it was common for people to co-exist with nature spirits and thus to see them.

Nature spirits: a fantasy or real?

Depending on where you live in the world and in which culture you grew up in, you see the world differently. This means you also see the spirit world differently. I grew up in Belgium. Growing up in a Western country, you learn that Spirit isn’t real. God doesn’t exist, nature spirits don’t exist, ghosts don’t exist, let alone Angels or any other spiritual guides. 

I am explaining it in a bit of an extreme way, maybe, but what I find a fascinating difference with living in Ghana now is that everyone knows they exist. It’s a deep knowledge that spirits are around.

Even though many people don’t want anything to do with them and just want to stick to their beliefs and communion with God, they do know that the spirits are there.

How to communicate with nature spirits? ✨ Little people, gnomes, dwarves, faeries, leprechauns, kabouters, kontomble

In the West, when we are young, adults let us believe in little people or dwarves, or in Santa Claus or the Tooth fairy, and then when we grow a bit older, they say it was all a joke, and they are not real. What happens is that we think all of it is not real. 

Meanwhile, little people, dwarves and faeries are very much spirits that are real. I still remember how I felt so confused when someone told me the little people - in Belgium, they are called ‘Kabouters’-, weren’t real, as I had experienced them as very real as a child. It almost felt like gaslighting. Meanwhile, with Saint Nicholas or the Tooth fairy, I could feel that it was invented. It felt different.

Another distraction of real spirits is fantasy movies or cartoons. Lots of beautiful, mystical beings and magical creatures are in these movies. But in a way, we learn that it’s just a movie, it’s fantasy, it’s not real! Can you imagine what would happen if we all would communicate with trees the way Pocahontas did in the movie? 

Many children can naturally communicate with nature spirits

I wonder if these distractions, at some point, were created on purpose to confuse us as children. To distract us and to let us drift away from the natural communication with spirits we have as children.

Adults can act very denigrating towards children, and sometimes they don’t take seriously what their children see and experience. They say quickly: “Ah, but that’s not real, honey” when a child feels monsters under its bed, or when a child sees a lion ‘where there is none’ or where a child has an ‘imaginary friend’ or sees faeries in the trees. Children live between this world and the spirit world.

They are way closer to the spirit world and it would benefit us all if we would listen a little bit more to what they say they are experiencing. It may even be they can teach us how to listen properly or communicate with nature spirits.

I am sure by now you would love to learn more about how you can connect and communicate with Nature Spirits.

That’s what I will be explaining now.

How to connect with nature spirits? How to communicate with them?

Sometimes, you hear people say: “I want to be more spiritually connected with nature”. I understand this question and the desire. However, this question is full of contradictions in itself. Being spiritual means you are connecting with the Spirit that connects all of us, including nature. We are already connected. It’s just up to us to tune into that connection.

How to connect with nature spirits? ✨ Tree spirits

Often these nature spirits are already speaking to us. We just don’t listen.

When you walk on the spiritual path, or better said, when you allow Spirit in your life, and it becomes part of your daily rhythm, you become sensitive to the things around you and the unseen worlds.

I can imagine these words still feel a bit abstract, so let me break down for you how you can connect and communicate with nature spirits:

1. Sharpen your intuition.

Get to know how you receive information. When we communicate with other human beings we can talk and listen to what they say. We even understand the message through facial expressions. So, our ears and eyes literally help us with communication! But when we want to communicate with nature spirits or the spirit world, the unseen in general, it is imperative to train our other ways of receiving and understanding messages. The messages are more subtle.

This is where the ‘clairs’ come into play. It helps to know if you receive information more visually in your mind's eye (clairvoyant), if you receive information through sensations in your body or feeling (clairsentient), if you hear things in your head (clairaudient) or if you receive information through a deep knowing (Clair cognizance). Often, you can already intuitively sense what aligns more with you. If that’s something difficult for you, then you can start practicing and training it. My podcast episodes: ‘how to sense energy’ and ‘the biggest block to grow spiritually’ may help you ;-) You also find these episodes on Spotify or Apple podcasts when you type in: Under The Baobab Tree.

2. Be still in nature.

How to communicate with nature spirits? ✨ Be still in nature

It is often when you create space and a quiet moment that you can receive messages from nature spirits or the spirit world. When our minds are occupied with daily worries and to-do’s or social media stories, there isn’t a lot of room for other messages.  So, try to create quiet moments, ideally in nature - in a forest, at the seaside, next to a rock.

Close your eyes, follow the rhythm of your breath and let your thoughts flow. In these moments, you may even already start noticing things you didn’t notice before, even if they are just sensations in your body or a visual that crosses your mind. Try to pay attention to what’s going on around you and within you. 

3. Share your voice.

Once you have reached a type of stillness, it can be good to share your voice. If you don’t want to speak out loud, that’s fine because this communication works telepathically. But if you can, it brings extra force to what you are saying. 

Sharing your voice is the beginning of communication with nature spirits. You can tell them who you are and that you are grateful for them and would love to connect with them. You can also just tell them how you are doing and how your day was or what your worries are.

What’s important here is that you don’t have any expectations of an answer. Expectations can block the channel of communication. Just give your voice freely, just talk to them and find your joy in it. Try to become comfortable with the fact that you are talking to nature spirits. You really want to reach a point where that’s the most normal thing to do.

4. Hear nature speak.

When you are comfortable with talking to nature spirits without necessarily receiving any feedback, you can train yourself to hear nature speak to you. 

How to hear nature speak? ✨

Nature spirits often communicate through what we see or experience with nature. This means that the way the water moves, the wind changes, the thunder comes, the birds fly or the plants grow all can have some information from the nature spirits for us to receive.

In this case, you don’t necessarily need to use your clairvoyance or clairsentience, but you do need to be alert and notice tiny things that occur within nature. For our ancestors this was something natural to do, as they were so attuned to nature within themselves and around them. And the alignment between the two.

How else can you hear nature speak? When you are in nature, instead of seeing with your eyes, you can also close your eyes and tune in. And notice what you see in your mind's eye, or feel or hear. I am clairvoyant, and I often so images playing out as a movie in my head when I try to do this.

Tuning in like this also can be an excellent moment to ask questions. Here you can specifically ask questions to the nature spirits. Again, don’t expect an answer right away, just trust that what needs to be said will be said. Today, tomorrow or in six months. The spirit world doesn’t like to be rushed or controlled by what we want or by our timeline; they have their own will and it is something we should respect. 

Simultaneously, try to be open to what you see, experience or hear. You may be surprised by what may come up ;-)

5. Have an attitude of reverence and open-mindedness.

When nature spirits feel arrogance, distrust, dislike, control, fixed mindset or entitlement, they won’t start a relationship with you. If you want to connect and communicate with nature spirits, it’s important to respect them, just as how you would respect human beings you want to connect with. 

A humble & grateful attitude, an open heart, deep respect, and an open mindset do wonders when it comes to communicating with nature spirits!

6. Give offerings.

How to communicate with nature spirits? ✨ Give offerings

Already from the start you can start giving offerings. This is one of the biggest ways of showing your respect, gratitude and appreciation to the nature spirits. Sometimes, I look at it as if I am visiting them in their home and I am bringing some fruits. Even we as humans appreciate this when someone comes to visit us. It can strengthen our connection to each other.

Different spirits in the spirit world like different offerings, so this is one of the questions you could ask them and see what comes up for you ;-)

You can’t do any wrong with fruits, honey, seeds, alcohol, flowers or even something you made yourself. They also really like songs that are dedicated to them! You may not see it with your eyes but you are fueling them, giving them energy, and they celebrate that!

So many nature spirits don’t feel seen by human beings. The relationship between nature spirits and humans is even hostile, you could say. If someone thinks of them in a loving way and gives them offerings with pure intention, it means a lot to them.

Another offering that you can also do, but many people don’t think about, is cleaning the area: clean the forest you are in, take the trash out of the river, and so on. There is a big link between what we see happening in our climate in these times and the way we relate to nature and nature spirits. I also made a podcast episode about Nature spirits in Belgium and I talk a bit more about this topic in there.

Communicate with nature spirits✨ Intuitive mentor and coach

I hope you enjoyed this article! What are you going to try out?

Feel free to message me, I am curious! If you want to receive a free meditation & receive my newsletter with more inspiration you can sign up here. In this way you are also updated about my offerings or how you can work with me.

It would be lovely to connect with you in that way!

Much love, Ama


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