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If I had this, my life would be better.

All these courses, podcasts, books, articles, Instagram posts, and advice from others. It can be a lot, isn’t it? 😅 That's at least how it can feel sometimes for me!

If you want to take the next step or see some change in your life, you can ask yourself:

Where to start and what is it that I really need?

It depends on where you are at in life and how you want to grow. And that’s different for everyone, as we all have a different pace and a different path.

You may not even get an answer to this question because you are confused. Soon, I will be offering spiritual readings again (aura readings & cowrie shell readings), so they may help you with that!

However, I believe that a lot of blocks, challenges, and problems we have in our lives can be traced back to fears and insecurities. Because even when we are sad, disappointed, or angry...

Often it’s a cover up emotion.

Self-worth is also a huge factor! We often feel as if we are not good enough. We want to be liked, we want to be part of the village, we want our ideas to be received warmly. We want to be good friends/colleagues/parents.

And sometimes, we make it more difficult for ourselves so that we will be accepted. I think we all feel this; it's part of being human :-)

So, wherever you are in life, whatever choice you make for your own growth, make sure that you are honest with yourself and ask yourself:

  • What do I actually need?

  • Where do I want to grow?

If you feel fully aligned with yourself, confident, and connected while walking with trust and without fears or insecurities, Rooted Within is NOT for you!

But if you are like, 'Hmm, actually, I do want to feel more like that, I do want to feel Rooted Within,' then check it out here!

It will influence so many different areas in your life in a positive way:

  • your relationship with friends, family or with your (future) partner

  • your professional life

  • your choices

  • your health

  • your dreams

  • your sense of wellbeing

  • your connection with yourself!!!

It really is the root.

Everything starts with being rooted within.

What if the grass looks greener on the other side?

Sometimes it really seems that when we look at other people's lives, everything appears better, or we think, "If I had this or that, my life would be better."

The truth is that there's always something; there are ups and downs everywhere and at any time. It's a mindset thing! The grass can appear greener on the other side, yes, but what if the grass is green here?

Listen to this episode where I first share a story of a taxi ride in Nkawkaw (close to where I live here in Ghana) to illustrate my point! ;-)

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Thank youuuuu!

x Ama


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