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Inviting in the New

Last week I did a 'Say Goodbye ritual' ... After letting go, clearing up old energies, space has been made for the new. A new chapter in my business.

So, it was time to invite in the new.

I did this in two ways:

1. Even though things are unclear and a chaos in my head, there are some things I know that I want or need or want to continue. So, I took a pen and paper, some pushpins and a notice board. I just started writing down on different papers what I intuitively felt was important in my work. Just doing this exercise gave so much clarity and excitement!!

2. When it was the New Moon, I took time to write down all my intentions for the coming month and beyond. I wrote down everything that is important for me in this new beginning. Because if we are honest, every day is a new beginning. Every month is a new beginning. Every year is a new beginning. Every hour and every minute even, is a new beginning.

Just sitting still and consciously taking the time where you want to direct your energy towards is pretty powerful !!

How do you close chapters and invite new chapters in?

Enjoy your week!

x Ama


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