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Snow in Ghana

New year actually starts in Spring, but collectively we have agreed on this being our new year, so that’s what it is right now ;-) We have entered 2024!

How are you? Maybe you celebrated, maybe you stayed at home. Maybe you don't like any of that new year nonsense, or maybe you love it.

I wish you a year full of beautiful surprises, breakthroughs, blessings, a good health, love, fun, courage when it is difficult, smiles & hope!!

I'd love to keep on connecting with you in this way, via my podcast or through one of my offerings.

Thank you for reading these letters that arrive in your mailbox. I craft them with a lot of love and I highly appreciate you taking the time to read them.

Inner child is happy

The pictures you see are from December 25th.

I went to help at a Children's Fun Fair here in the mountains. (For those who are new on my newsletter here, welcome hihi, I live in the Kwahu Mountains in Ghana.)

I love this picture as the children had so much fun with the snow machine while the sun was setting. It was a surreal moment. Knowing it was a snow machine, still feeling as if it was really snowing in dry season! Haha, totally absurd but so much fun. During dry season we have the most beautiful sunsets!

And in this other picture below you see me! Sometimes we need to give some space to our inner child to seriously play ;-)

Let your inner child play

My husband and I went to Accra, the capital of Ghana, for new years eve. Man, Accra in December is really something else. Sooo many people! Hot, busy and traffic everywhere!

As we live in a small town in the mountains, we are more used to peaceful, quiet, tree vibes, haha! But we had fun!

It’s cool to hang out in the vibrant energy of celebrations.

We are on our way back home now, together with some friends who are visiting😁

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