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The problem I have in the evenings

Do you know that feeling, where you have a good intention to start something new?

Where you set a goal? Or want to go for something? Or even really sign up for something?

And then you start but quickly you stop again? You don’t continue? Aahhh man, how many times I have experienced that, I can’t count!

evening routine

It’s so annoying because you really want to do it, but there is also that part within you that just doesn’t want to do it (this is called an Inner Conflict and in Rooted Within I teach you how you can change this and bring inner harmony!

I have a good morning routine going on. But for a while now I try to create a good evening routine, so that I can wind down before going to bed. But always, it seems more interesting to watch another episode of the show I am watching or scroll on social media.

Before I know it, it’s time to go to bed and I am just too tired to do something else as an evening routine.

“Yeah, tomorrow” and like this it continues😂

Yesterday I meditated in the evening together with my husband and that really helped! We decided to do this every evening. Let’s see how that goes. I will also use the technique of Inner Harmony for this, already curious how that will be :)

I realized that sometimes we think we need to be able to do something and then we beat ourselves up for not doing it… That doesn’t make any sense. We are all just trying. Being kind to ourselves goes a long way and sometimes having someone who does it with you can help too.


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