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they remembered, they remembered.

it came to me that the ancient knowledge is not lost, the ancient teachings are still here. they are all around us. and they are as much ancient as present as future. the knowledge is here, the teachings are here, the spirit beings are all around us. it is we who have forgotten. it is we, who are not listening or don`t want to hear. it is we who have too many other thoughts in our minds, that most of the time are not even our own. it is we who have a busy mind, full of thoughts and fear, which prevents us from listening. to truly, deeply listen to what we actually know to be true.

i got a vision where i saw in europe, in the area of south belgium, close to the border of france a huge group of people. there were no cellphones, but it was in these modern times. no one had brought them, i even didn`t see any cars close. it were people being together, sometimes in circles, sometimes dancing, sometimes talking to one another, there were instruments. but aside people, connection and instruments there was nothing more. there was a sacredness in this gettogether. as if people were finding again what they had been missing for so long. even without knowing exactly how to do it, but with so much love present and with creating certain patterns on the earth, this gathering pushed open a portal and reawakened a certain knowledge that wasn’t touched on for a long time. it was that simple. coming together, nature, instruments, creating certain patterns, no distractions, only connecting with each other. doing this together. ritual.

and this ancient knowledge that was birthed out of the opened portal, not only touched the people present, it could travel through the air - awaken different beings and people that had been sleeping for a long time. and they remembered, they remembered.

shamanic drum


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