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This is a lie

A few days ago, I watched an interview in which someone discussed schizophrenic individuals and how, in psychiatric facilities, they are bombarded with medication to silence the voices they hear.

The man being interviewed had spoken with many schizophrenic people and identified patterns. He explained that these voices are often darker forces. I've been aware of this for a while.

schizophrenic individuals are the shamans of our society

Simultaneously I also believe a lot of our schizophrenic people are actually shamans. They are gifted to travel between worlds.

It's our society that has lost its way and doesn't know how to guide and initiate them into becoming a master of their mind and therefore managing these voices/spiritbeings. What a loss for our society. I pray for a day where our society finds its way back again. It would benefit us all greatly. I don't want to delve deeper into this now, but I do want to share some things the man being interviewed mentioned that I found interesting.

He mentioned that a recurring pattern was the self-destructive and negative nature of these voices. The voices didn't want to be discovered, so anyone attempting to help the schizophrenic person would face extra challenges or become a target.

He also mentioned that many psychiatrists advised schizophrenic individuals to ignore the voices, but doing so only made the voices louder. They discovered that the worst nightmare for these voices was the schizophrenic person realizing that the voices were present and realizing that s/he was not the voices themselves.

In the interview the man mentioned that he started to understand that instead of ignoring the voices, the power lies in telling the, self-destructive/negative voices: "It's a lie! What you're telling me is a lie!" It requires a great deal of mental strength, but the power of the mind is enormous.

Even though we are not schizophrenic, what can we learn out of all of this?

  • We also have thoughts that can bring us down, or are negative, and self-destructive.

  • We all have thoughts that become louder when we try to ignore them. It's like when you say: don't think about a pink elephant, and then the pink elephant is right there in your mind!

  • We also often think WE ARE our thoughts, but the truth couldn't be further from reality. We are not our thoughts.

What are negative or self destructive thoughts that you sometimes have about yourself? Or about your life? How does it make you feel to think like this?

Next time when you hear them in your mind, tell these thoughts: "It's a lie!!!" and reclaim your power in that way.

WE choose what is welcome in our minds and what is not. Give it a try ;-)

And let me know how that's going for you!

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