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What farmers teach me about abundance

I have a friend here who is a farmer. He does his farming in the indigenous way; letting different vegetables or plants grow next to one another. Instead of planting the same thing in a whole area. I think the latter is called monoculture farming. When I see my friend's farm, I can see how its thriving, how its so healthy


Every time he comes to visit us, he brings some bananas, plantains, peppers, berries, or anything that he has harvested.


Why am I talking about my farmer friend?

Because, at different points in my life:

farmers have taught me about abundance.


Some years ago, I remember visiting some people in a tiny village (they were farmers, too) and when I was going back home, they gave me so many vegetables and fruits! I didn’t want to accept it. And, I felt so embarrassd because, from my point of view at the time, the family was poor — didn’t have a lot, barely a stable house to sleep in. Little did I know, I was the poor one.


What does it mean to be poor or rich? What is abundance?


You can be a millionaire and still have the feeling you don’t have enough. That feeling of lack, you know. It doesn’t have to do with what you have or what you own. It’s an energy, and it can feed on you.


But farmers?

They wake up in the morning. They walk with their cutlass to their farm. They weed or plant. Maybe sing a song to their plants.  They lovingly take care of their farms. And, patiently, they wait. They let the elements do their work. They trust. They know vegetables and fruits will come. When the time is ready, they harvest. And they plant again.They know that when they harvest, they can plant again. They know when they plant again, veggies and fruits will grow again.

They live in abundance, in that abundance energy. They know that when they give veggies and fruits to friends and family, it will come back. They are not living in lack. They are not scared. They know that when you give, you also receive. The exchange is healthy.

If you tune into the energy of abundance, how does that feel to you?

Does your exchange of giving and receiving feel healthy?

I wish you a beautiful week. I pray you can give a bit more where you feel you are not giving enough, and receive a bit more where you feel you are closed off to receiving.

Much love!!

x Ama


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