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What if the worlds gets shaken again?

Even though I don't watch the news, news always comes to me. The last days the wind has been carrying things about a new variant of covid and a possibility of the extreme measures coming back. I don't know if that's true.

But I've always felt that after the crazy covid situation in the world, there was more to come.

Not necessarily covid. But I think a lot of us can feel in our bones that the way things are functioning in society right now are not working anymore.

I've always wished that we could change things and shift to a more harmonious way. But I am starting to think that the only way that things might radically change, is by shaking up things for real. And at this point, we are all still too comfortable.

I am not saying this to spread fear. I am saying this because this is something I believe in. I believe change is really possible. I also believe it is needed...

And so, imagine a new radical, global event that shakes everyone and everything. How will you respond this time? What will you do...for yourself and for others?

The fire that burns within me is to really devote myself completely to the world I want to see. A healthy world - a world I believe in.

I do this in my life by trying to be kind to others and also to myself. By eating locally and taking care of the Earth and its Spirits. By creating a space here in Ghana where people can come together. I will do this more by speaking my truth. And in everything, I do my best in the way I know how to.

My business is directed to people who also feel they are here to serve this new, beautiful world we are creating together.

I guide people who have an idea, dream, project or talent that wants to be born in this world, for others to see and experience, but who are scared, who are holding back, who don't know where to start.

If this sounds like you, please send me an email and let me know what your dream or idea is ! I would love to hear from you. We need every one on board!

There is a reason why we have certain dreams or ideas in our heads. There is a reason why we feel drawn to certain subjects or topics.... or people even. There is a reason why we have talents!

And so whatever happens, together we can make it work! I really believe that!

Thank you for BEING HERE!


This text was part of Ama's newsletter of August 29th, 2023.

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