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When things don't go the way you want

Well, let me tell you a story. At the end of this month, the roofing and finishing for the multifunctional hall of the first building of Sungyata should be done. Should be😉 Making this vision tangible, making this dream a reality, starting this building project has been a whole new experience for me. It has taught me the importance of letting go and trusting that things will work out, even if it doesn’t seem that way or something goes wrong. And eventually it does always works out. But it wasn’t so easy for my mind to accept that. This project has so many different layers: paperwork, workmen, the weather, raising funds, delays, rising prices, etc. I like to have control over what happens in my life. Which is ironic because I am also devoted to the Most High, the Orisas, and my Ancestors. I know rationally that I can’t control everything. I know things happen for a reason & that everything is in divine timing.

when things don't want the way you want

But when I lose control, my fears take over in some situations. All that “rational knowing” disappears and I just freak out. I worry and there seems no end to it.

Now I really sound like a control freak. It’s not that bad😂

It’s in particular situations only. It’s what I learned along the way since I was a child to cope with fear in certain situations. It’s not all bad because having that trait of control also brought me good things.

With the Sungyata project I have been challenged. It's such a big project. So many things were (and are!) unknown and new to me.

My fears were triggered deeply. There was nowhere else to go than to face them. And I’m honestly so grateful, because even though I am still in the building of this project I have the feeling I can speak of these fears being the past.These past months, I have learned how to deal with it. And how to bring myself back to safety.

That doesn’t mean my fears are not triggered anymore, because they are. I can still feel when fear pops up. But fear is not real most of the time. It’s there to protect you, and a lot of times it blocks you or prevents you from moving forward or living freely and joyfully.

It has been a blessing to feel the fear rise up and to feel it disappear again. That’s a first!

It brought a whole new reality! A reality where I strongly believe there is always a solution, where I have hope and feel joyful, where I just know it will all work out😃

What to do?

What worked best for me was becoming aware of what I was feeling and what was going on in my body, giving it space, breathing, exercising & working with my subconscious. I realized once again that you can only go so far with the rational mind.

I want to share with you how you can make this shift, too!

If you are interested, check out how you can work with me.


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