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The art of bringing your idea to life

Sometimes, we have a fantastic idea we want to turn into reality! It can give you that feeling of: “Wow, why didn’t I think about that earlier! This idea is worth the process of bringing into reality.”  The only challenge that may arise after this enthusiasm is that we don’t know how to bring that idea to life. You start wondering: How can I develop my idea? How can I start implementing it? How can I get my idea funded in reality? 

It’s a normal and sometimes overwhelming feeling; I’ve felt it, too! But you don’t need to stay in the unknown. I’m sure you will start working on your idea once you know how to turn it into reality!

So, that is what I will share with you in this article!

How can you bring your ideas to life? What is the process for bringing your ideas into reality? 

Here you see an overview of the topics we will cover:


Exploring the type of idea you have helps you turn it into reality!

Of course, there are a lot of different types of ideas. You may have an idea of how to reorganize your house, where you can travel to, or what kind of book you can write. Perhaps you have a business idea, or you want to organize something. Maybe it’s something completely different! Your idea may even feel weird or out of the box! 

How to Turn your Idea into Reality

Eventually, all ideas are welcome because when we start implementing our ideas and bringing them to life, new things, situations, opportunities, solutions, and inventions can happen! You may be surprised how quickly ideas can turn into reality, just like that!

To explore what kind of idea you have, you can start writing down some keywords that come to mind about your idea. You can also answer the following questions:

  • Does your concept feel small or big?

  • Is your idea realistic? (Do you think it is or isn’t realistic, or is it a fact?)

  • Do you need others to turn your idea into a reality, or can you do it alone?

  • Is it something that already exists, happened before, or is it new?

  • Have you had a similar idea before? 

When you review these questions, tune into how they make you feel!

Does the idea give you excitement or fear? 

Feel excited about implementing your idea!

When I have an idea, I get super excited about it most of the time! And then afterward, I can also get scared if I think about really implementing that idea. I don’t like that because it often blocks the excitement. If you also recognize that, maybe the article” “Why am I scared to pursue my dream?” may interest you!

Implement your idea and feel excitement

The most important thing for you to understand is that if this excitement and joy around your idea is accompanied by peace, it comes from your Higher Self. And there is a reason why it’s coming to you! So, try to stay in that enthusiastic feeling; if it disappears for a while because of fears, that’s okay; these fears are welcome, and you can give them space. Just know your excitement is within you, and you can always call upon that feeling again.

Connect with the Spirit of your idea & write everything down. 

An idea comes from your Higher Self, so it’s a great start to work energetically or spiritually around your idea. It can be as deep or simple as you choose! The whole idea of doing this is because your idea has a spirit of itself. 

There is a lot of wisdom in the idea, and before we head towards using our brains and ratios to turn our ideas into reality, it is wise to tamune into this wisdom. Sometimes, messages and images come that don’t make sense initially but become very helpful afterward. When we only work with our ratio, we can become stuck! There is more to everything than what meets the eye ;-) 

Connect with the spirit of your idea or the spirit of your business

Here is a little exercise you can do:

Create some sacred space by connecting with the Spirit of your idea. I always like to choose a place that has a similar vibe as your idea, or a place that reminds you of your idea ;-) If you want to start a farm, you can go into nature. If you want to create a project for children, you can go to a playground. If you want to write a book, you can go to a library. In this way, you bring your project's energy closer. If you wish to, and depending on your location, you can get some candles, incense, or play an instrument. 

The only thing you will do then is invoke the Spirit of your idea. You can close your eyes and say in your mind or speak out loud that you are inviting in the Spirit of your idea and want to connect with it. You can also do this with your eyes open if you prefer this. You can ask the Spirit of your idea: why are you here? What’s essential for you? What’s the next step? What else do I need to know?

I like to write down insights or images that come to me, so if you want that, too, make sure you have pen and paper close to you! You may like to record yourself in an audio message, or perhaps you even love drawing, painting, or doing something else creatively to get the message of the spirit of your idea. All the images and insights that come now can seem simple or obvious, or they may seem weird or as if they don’t make sense. Keep the messages close to you throughout your journey of bringing your idea to life! You may be surprised how much truth these insights can bring forward, even months later.

Look at what you already have, don’t have, or need before implementing your idea.

If you want to bring your idea to life, taking action is imperative! Of course, we don’t want to take action impulsively. It’s always good to look at the first things you can do and what the things that can wait are.

Here are some steps you can take before you take action:

  1. Write down everything you need to turn your idea into a reality! Is this difficult for you? Then I have a tip for you! Visualize the situation when your idea has been brought to life: What are you doing? What is happening? What do you see? Then, you can write down which things, resources, or places I saw. Which skills was I using? Which people were there?

Bring your idea to life

2. Once you have written this down, you can review everything and look at what you already ‘have’ and what you still need to acquire or learn. What can help you? Who can help you? Are there people who brought the same or a similar idea to life - how did they do this? Can you talk to them? Do you need a coach to guide you? How will you learn your skills? Etc

3.You can structure everything so that you can see more clearly your priorities and what is more of a long-term thing. You could create goals here, too! Making goals is not for everyone, but for some, it can be beneficial to develop goals and set a timeline for them. It’s also important to look at what’s realistic at this point. Don’t let your sense of realism break your dreams, though! A lot is possible if we go for it and don’t give up.

4. Then start with your priorities! It’s time to take action! (Once you have finished those priorities, something else will become your priority, of course).

Taking action = turning your idea into reality!

Look at every priority and write down what you need to do, buy, learn, and acquire to do it. Understanding that every idea, dream, or project takes time is essential. A priority can take a week, but it can also take a year. It depends on what your ideas and goals are ;-) 

Remember that every step brings you closer to bringing your idea to life!

Actually, you ARE turning it into reality by taking action.

It’s all about daring to take the first step and to have patience! 

This brings me to the next important topic: bringing your idea to life.

The right mindset & perseverance help with getting your ideas funded in reality!

Some people have the money and the skills but need help to bring their ideas to life. If you are serious about turning your idea into reality, your mindset and not giving up are two of the most important things!

Mindset tips to turn your idea into reality

I am honestly always amazed by this! I’ve seen people in my life in certain organizational functions or roles who didn’t have the right skills to do their jobs well. But they believed so much in themselves that they made their way up there! That’s what I am talking about when I talk about mindset. Believe in yourself, believe in your idea, how crazy or impossible it may seem now!

Some good mindset tricks that can help you to bring your idea to life:

  • When you feel beaten or down, as if  your idea is not possible, you can say sentences like this out loud: “Even if I feel like ……, I choose to believe that it is possible!”

  • You can also switch your blocking beliefs. If your belief is: “I don’t have the money, so I won’t be able to turn my idea into reality,” you can change it to: “ I know there is always a way! Let me check what I can already do without money, and I know I will find a way to gather the money needed to get my idea funded in reality.”

Sometimes, it takes a while before you get the hang of it. But try to focus on a growth mindset: How can I learn from this? How can I grow? And remember, you co-create your reality, so your mindset greatly affects what will actually happen!

Another important thing here is that sometimes, thinking in a negative way is linked to an emotion you are feeling, like fear, sadness, or frustration. In this case, giving space to your emotions can be extremely helpful!

Evaluation is part of the process of bringing ideas into reality

Keeping a solid mindset, not giving up, and following through with your steps, goals, and priorities will eventually bring your idea to life!

Get your ideas funded in reality by evaluating

Integrating some evaluation moments while turning your idea into reality is good.

Why is this important?

Well, because of two reasons:

  1. You can easily adjust your course if that’s needed. Maybe you need other resources or skills than you initially thought. Maybe you don’t need the help of someone else, or perhaps you need help from others. Maybe it’s not working out, and you are not moving forward. Then, you can see what you can do differently or if it is still realistic.

  2. You can see where you are coming from. It is one of the main reasons why I like to evaluate! It can be very motivating to know where you are coming from because often, we are so focused on the future and what we want to achieve that we forget to see where we are coming from. Give yourself that gift ;-) It fuels the rest of your journey!

Turn your idea into reality ! Bring your idea to life!

If you want more tips and are searching for inspiration, I have a FREE inspiration guide that will help you to turn your idea to life:

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X Ama


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